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Panamint Emergency Rain Poncho Family Pack Disposable Plastic Rain Coat Ponchos for Hiking, Camping & Outdoor Events - 8 Pack of Hooded Ponchos with 4 Adult Ponchos for Men & Women & 4 Kids Ponchos

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Brand & Manufacturer: Panamint

EAN #: 0748926367059
UPC #: 748926367059
Part Number: PDRP2018001


  1. ✅MULTI PACK: Lightweight, waterproof rain gear great for families with sizes for adults and children
  2. ✅PACKABLE: Unlike big, bulky raincoats, our foldable travel ponchos go anywhere in a purse or pocket
  3. ✅ADJUSTABLE HOODS: A drawstring hood lends a custom fit and extra coverage against the wind and rain
  4. ✅COMFORTABLE: Their long length and stretchy elastic cuffs improve your mobility and keep out water
  5. ✅VIBRANT COLORS: All ponchos are same-day reusable and come in a bright color to be highly visible


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