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Orthopedic Bunion Corrector 6 Piece Splints Big Toe Straightener Separator Kit - Hallux Valgus Correctors for Men and Women Get Pain Relief Fast with Our Brace & Pads All Day & Night Joint Care Use

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Brand: conicare
Manufacturer: Conicare

EAN #: 0756756938899
UPC #: 756756938899


  1. ✔️INSTANT NATURAL PAIN RELIEF FOOT BRACE - Our premium bunion toe spacers kit was scientifically developed by a renown orthopedist surgeon to effectively relieve pain cause by bunions, hammer toe & crooked toes. and realign toes naturally & gently
  2. ✔️BONUS EBOOK- What's the point of all this bunion booties corrector cushion stuff without proper instructions on how to use them correctly ? That's why we put together a awesome eBook on how to properly use the toe alignment splints for best results
  3. ✔️COMFORTABLE ONE SIZE FITS ALL- Made with the highest quality medical grade materials, use the silicone gel spacers on your feet under your socks and shoes even while your at work and the big toe guard strap when your at home or at night sleeping
  4. ✔️PREMIUM QUALITY BUNION SUPPORT - Wearing our adjustable bunion corrector sleeve stops bunions from getting to far gone and aids in relieving pain and realigning your bunion. Recommended daily 24 hour treatment for best results with our products
  5. ✔️CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you don't love the results you get with our bunion protectors we don't want your money Customer Satisfaction is our Number One PRIORITY You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Time to start walking again!


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