Back Posture Corrector for Women & Men - Back Brace Support Belt, for Shoulder Neck Pain Relief, Slouching Hunching Correction | Adjustable Upper Back Straightener, Comfortable Under Clothes

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Brand & Manufacturer: Soquali

Weight: 4 ounces
Part Number: SQ-PC-1


  1. 【STAND TALL, STAND CONFIDENT】Correct the Problem of Poor Posture by This Back Brace! It Straightens Your Spine, Helps You to Stop Slouching and Hunching. Stand at Your Full Height, Experience a New Air of Confidence! Walk Proudly and Enjoy Life!
  2. 【ADJUSTABLE FOR YOUR COMFORT】Easily Adjust the Straps to Your Perfect Tension by Yourself. Feel Comfortable as You Wear This Clavicle Brace. Made of Breathable and Stretchy Fabric That Moves Your Way, It Still Provides Unbeatable Support.
  3. 【ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST FOR WOMEN & MEN】This Back Posture Corrector Fits Men and Women, with Chest Sizes of 25-50 Inches Round. the Discreet Design Makes It near Invisible Under Clothes, Allowing You to Wear All Day Long Without Affecting Your Style.


  • adjustable
  • back
  • brace
  • clothes
  • comfortable
  • corrector
  • hunching
  • men
  • posture
  • slouching
  • stand
  • support
  • under
  • wear
  • women

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